Photoshop Top Secret Training Course DVD 4

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How to Become a Photoshop "Black Belt"-Fast!

Photoshop Top Secret is an Extreme Training Course that teaches you, step by step, how to create cutting-edge graphics and special effects with Adobe Photoshop. This student-friendly home study course consists of four DVD-ROMs with over 16 gigabytes of video tutorials and project files. You can look, learn, practice, and master these advanced techniques wherever you may be, without the need for expensive classes or tutors.

DVD 4 Videos :

Vector Art Portrait – Turn a Photograph into beautiful vector art.
Dreamy Background – Create Sci-fi looking spiral backgrounds.
Liquid Metal – The ultimate Liquid metal technique that can be applied to text and objects.
Smoke – Create Psychedelic and Natural Smoke to incorporate into your artwork.
Soap Bubbles – Use soap bubbles to add flair to your projects.
Water Bubbles – Use these water bubbles to infuse imagination into your projects.
Underwater Scene – Create an underwater illusion with just the tools in Photoshop.
Swap Animal Skin – Take skin from one animal and place it over another.
Stylized Character – Turn a sketch into colorful art.
Masking Mastery – Special video that explains many masking techniques used by the pros.


Photoshop Top Secret Training Course DVD 4